Andover Vineyard

Fresh hope for life

Children and Young People's Groups

 Tiny Treasures and Little Pips is for children aged from birth - school age.  There is an area for them to play with toys where their parents can sit and still hear/see the service. 

Vineyard Stars is for children aged from 4 -10 (Reception - Yr 5)
Here in Vineyard Stars  we aim to support the family in providing a spiritual foundations so that, in God's own timing every child will develop a relationship with Him through Jesus.  God expects our best practice in ministry work.

180 is for young people in school Yrs 6 - 10.  They can come and talk openly, in a loving, safe environment about any issues from everyday life.  We will help them to grow in their faith, by encouraging them to ask questions and by exploring the bible.  

One Way is our Group for young people in school Yrs 10 &11.  We want this group to be a place where we can talk about the issues we face in our every day life.  We talk about issues that we have to deal with and then look at what the Bible says we should do and how can we respond in a Jesus-like manner.  What we look at and study in the Bible next will be based on the questions they have and what is happening in their lives.  We meet one evening a month in a cafe style environment.

God expects our best practice in our ministry work.

For us this means:

  • the children and young people in our care are kept safe physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially.
  • we are honouring God.
  • we are mirroring something of God’s character to the children.

We want to see the children and young people  increase their love for Jesus, see them stepping out in faith, in their own lives and in the community.  Being equipped with spiritual gifts, empowered by the Holy spirit, living their lives to the full.  To be children who are full of wisdom and integrity – so that people notice something different about them. 

...To our wonderful Lord for allowing us to work in His name.