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Sundays at Andover Vineyard Church - what to expect....


We recognise that attending a new church for the first time can be a little nerve wracking!  To make your first trip to Andover Vineyard a little easier, here are a few things you can expect when you arrive.

This is roughly what happens...

The service starts at 3:10pm when we begin with 30 minutes or so of worship (expressing our love to God). The worship is contemporary and a time to hear the Word of God and to meet with Him.

This is followed by a welcome and any notices and information.

We break after this for refreshments and a chat to get to know people more. 

Then the Pastor, a church member or maybe a visitor from another Vineyard, will give a talk that is not only relevant to our daily lives but will help us grow in getting to know God and the amazing things He has instore for everyone of us!  This is followed by a time of prayer for those who want/need it. There is always time for those looking for personal prayer.

We have a very relaxed atmosphere.  Most people tend to wear casual clothes, but if you feel like dressing up a bit, well, why not?

All are welcome - there's Vineyard Stars, 180 and OneWay Youth programs for young people, there’s always something to excite and challenge them about their faith.  If you would like your children to attend, someone will show you how and where to sign them in.

At around 5pm we finish - you are welcome to stay behind for as long as there is someone there to talk to!